Kyanime 2012 - The Dolly Carnet Day 1

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Ha! It's been almost a year that I should have made a blog post about this. :X

On last June 2012, The Dolly Carnet team had opened a booth in Kyanime event. I came back to Kuching a few days earlier before the event and settle up some doujin printing and other merchandise to sell. We wanted to make some activities but we had a tough time to figure out the gifts since we don't have any money to start with. Maybe next time, if God's willing.

So on the first day of Kyanime, we met up at the Hills. However on that morning, only Vela and I were present, Uepu went straight to work, and Teddy managed to drop by for a while to bring her dolls and later too she had to go to work. We were given 2 long tables, I thought they should be enough to do 2 sections; one for dolls, and one for Lolita. Ah yes... we collaborate our gallery with Lolita fashion as well...

On to the pictures.
*Warning: Lots of pictures ahead.

After the setup~

 Dolls section

 Lolita section.
Accessories are owned by me and 
The rocking horse shoes replica owned 
by Viople. Thank you for your help!

 Ivorine is flying~!

This is the 'Fashion Diorama' that I made.
Kinda dark...sorry...

Team mate, Vela. :3

It was kinda quiet on Friday.
Hime dono looks so lonely over there. :/

Other galleries

Later in the afternoon, I went to change my outfit. 

 Autumn Lolita style

Vela also finished changing into her Kougaiji cosplay 

I managed to walk around the Doujin Booths as Vela taking over to watch the booth~
I couldn't walk too far because we were shorthanded. Too many people touched our dolls and lolita items and totally ignored the (so many) 'Do Not Touch' signs. ^^;;;

 Works by Ai Lee.

 HOMG~ So handsome! *_*

 Works by Kimiko's sister.



 Kimiko's station

Can anyone tell me her name? 

 And later that evening, Teddy came wearing yukata with her daughter in casual lolita and husband.

Kawaii loli!!! *w*

With Mama Teddy

Holding mama's BJD

 Serious face is seriously cute! X3

After that, while Vela and her sister still looking over the booth, we went to have our dinner at MyChicken (can't remember the name).


 Gary and Sanda. Not sure what Gary stared at.

 Sanda and Antonia~

 My dinner: Salad with chicken bites.
This was nice...and totally not enough for me.

That's all for the Day 1 story! Please wait for the Day 2 and 3 entries. ^_^

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