Happily Ever After~!

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This morning, Hairul shared an INTERESTING new cartoon show by Mattel called "Ever After High".

Are you a Royal or a Rebel?

It is somewhat a princessy version of Monster High. :P And most of them really resemble the Monster High characters...

"Welcome to the world of Ever After High. 
This isn’t your mother’s fairytale; this is where you choose your destiny!"

I've fallen in love with them! Kyaaaa~!!! XD
The outfits are up to Lolita standard which is HOMG~ Soooo mouth-watering~! *i sound like a fashion perv*

Here, you can watch the video/ webisodes:

Great opening, great song! *o*
The royals are somekind of... stuck-up in this first episode IMO... ._.
However, I can see... Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts, and Little Bo Peep's daughters?

Some saw Alice! :D

Just imagine, the dolls that Mattel will produce~! *drools*
I'm so gonna get Blondielocks and Madeline Hatter! And Red Riding Hood's daughter! And... *list goes on*
Oh well... BJD plan? I don't know anymore! Haha! Seriously, I can't wait! XD

Well, I have to watch more~! Do subscribe to Ever After High in Youtube! ^_^

YSK & Mattel Malaysia Monster High Contests

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It's quite an old event really. ._. *dah basi*
However, I wanted to share with you about this interesting contest that being held by Mattel and YourShoppingKaki, started since December last year till February. :D

There were 3 contests overall; first - Makeover Contest, second - Fashion Design Contest, and third - Gadget/Accessories Contest.

For the Makeover contest, I chose to dress up like Clawdeen 'Dead Riding Hood' version since I have my red hood from my Red Riding Hood lolita outfit. ^^ Then, I put on my gold contact lens (originally for my Dragon Slayer cosplay) and other info on the makeups are as in below:

Foundation : Mary Kay Timewise in Beige 4
Powder : Ronasutra in Mocha
Blush : Kate Cheek Colour in OR-1
Lips : stage lipstick in Rock and Rose (red), Mary Kay lipgloss in Pink Diamonds
Eyes: In 2 It liquid eyeliner in Black, Eyeshadows are random; red part was from lipstick, purple colour palette from SilkyGirl, Magenta shade from MAC Hello Kitty Too Dolly quad.
And I used Photoshop to enhance the colour of my skin to make it darker. Since I'm usually using Ronasutra in Sawo Kuning shade.

Please view other pictures here: YSK FB. Just look at those amazing makeovers!! Of course I don't have a chance to win this. Hahaha!! XD

For the second contest, check the original link here: YSK Fashion Design contest.

Ahh... I love thee Operetta!! 
Kaki tak muat masuk kertas. :X

Then, the last contest is about Gadget or Accessories creations for the ghouls.
I designed a carry case for the dolls. Something that I would like to have to bring around the dolls. For now I'm only using plastic container and *coughs* I need more!

Who doesn't love Steampunk stuff? *_*

So, among all contests, my Operetta Pin-up outfit design is lucky enough to win one prize. Yayyyy!!! XD Tough competition after all! Phew~!!

The result is here: http://yourshoppingkaki.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-scariest-of-them-all.html
Not including the Gadget contest result though.

And I received Robecca Steam doll!!

Yayyyy!!! Thank you YourShoppingKaki and Mattel Malaysia!!!

Barbie Repaints 2nd trial

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Today I went to repaint the Barbie (Thank you for the dolls Hairul! ♥) for the 2nd time. XD
This time I'm using Soft Pastel and watercolour pencils (black and brown) with few brushes, and gloss.

Sorry for the noisy pictures.

'Getah sayur'. :X

Gloss on the lips and at some eye parts. 

Again... I forgot to buy white watercolour pencil and white acrylic paint. T_T
Therefore the teeth and eyes part are kinda not clean looking. And I still need to practise on the eyebrows. ^^

Sexy pose~

With Flash.

Hopefully I can buy the needed materials soon!
Want to try to make another repaint. ^_^

Barbie Repaints First trial

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It's been quite awhile that I wanted to try repainting doll faceups. Bought watercolour pencils, MSC spray, gloss, and thinner to start things off. But to my horror, I didn't have any white watercolour pencil so I just used normal colour pencil.
Aaahh!!! I think I drew the eyes too big. Lol. And I found out that if you use normal colour pencils (white is kinda ok), it will stain on your doll.
And it is best to use acrylic paints to pop up the eyes. Using pencil colours are okay but kinda... dull to me.