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*Disclaimer: Please prepare yourself a long time to read. XD

Hi! I am Syamim or well known as Videl Ichiban.
This is my personal blog of doll-lovin' stories, pictures, craves,
meet up memories with hobbyist friends, and creativity-showing sides.
I am one of four ladies admins at The Dolly Carnet blog and Facebook page.
I am too, a proud housewife, or should I say... The 'Boss' at the house.

I do not earn or get any salary by being one, but get the love of
being a homemaker, preparing things for the husband, being online,
taking care of a naughty black cat, feeding the strays, cooking, singing, and etc.

Apart from those daily routines, I love fashion; casually dress up in
Gothic & Lolita for any themed gatherings, or just in a simple
'selekeh' outfit depending on my mood, really. ^^;;;

I listen to any type of music (from Metal to K-pop) and some of my
favourites are Kittie, Merry, MUCC, Big Bang and 2NE1. I am into Manga
and Anime, used to draw a lot when I was in school years but now I am not
just as good as before, but I still draw once in a while if I get some DIY
or Fashion design ideas to sketch on (or just merely bored). :)
Because of the anime craze, I am too, involved in the cosplay world.

I only start collecting dolls in 2011, not including those years when
I am not really into treasuring the dolls that I have when I was little. ^^;;
Now, you must be wondering where do I get all the funds to support my
hobbies. Well, when there is a will, there is a way. I try to take any suitable
freelance jobs, working part time as Perfume Promoter on most holiday seasons
break, and ALWAYS hunt for best deals online. I often look for second hand
dolls, or stalk on Ebay, or bargains among other doll collectors who wanted
to let go of their precious, or join any contests regarding the matter. Of
course there are latest and expensive dolls that I have my eyes on, but,
maybe I will just put them in my dream wishlist. I have to follow my own 'wallet'
budget. Beggars cannot be choosers, ya know? But, Insya Allah, will do my best. :)