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This recent 3 days, I'm having flu + fever; sneezing non-stop, terrible headaches, stomach cramps and apparently watching anime and kdrama can't heal this annoying painful feeling.
But today I just updated my Line Play to the latest 2.0 version. Here's my review:

Loading... it kinda takes a long while...
But adorable front page!  

You can find the quest button next to the coins indicator. 

When you click on the 'More' button at the front page, you can see this layout.
There's a new function, "Avatars of the Day".

I don't know how it works/get nominated inside this though...

New things inside the fashion shop.

New cute avatar interactions!

Now... inside the closet. This latest update combines the facial add-ons inside the hairstyle section.

When you slide the items, you can see the gaps between the 'pages', unlike before.

And now, it's about the long awaited function! 'Recycle'!

The price for 1 item (accessories) is 50 gems.

For 2 accessories is 100 gems.

As for clothing item, the price is 75 gems.

The value depreciates too low, IMO...

And now... let's walk around~

When you're doing your quest of cleaning/watering plants, if you click on the directed item, you'll notice the big "!" sign.

One of the cons that I found in the latest update. 
You can't sit on the chairs that have no gaps in between it and other item.
No matter how many times I clicked. ;_;

Other glitch that I found are:
1. App crashes - during adding friends from Line, doing chores at random visits.
2. Can't click on the designated chores item when they are located out of reach, unlike previous version.
3. You can't click your avatar to move clockwise to see how it look like from the sides/back.
4. When you assign the avatar to sleep/bath, it will only do it in a while and quickly get out from the bed/bathtub.
5. No more gems when you visit the diary daily (still not confirmed. Will check again next morning)?

1. Everything moves smoothly fast.
2. Cute new interactions/
3. You can move around the courtyard.

1. How to decorate the courtyard? Hehehe!

I still have not ventured to the lounge yet... Will do so to finish up my Heart quest. :)
My LinePlay user name is Videl★. See you there! :)

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