Kyanime 2013 - Day 1

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Finally... finished with the Day 1 pictures editing. Some can't be saved due to picture transfer error.
Sorry... T_T

Pictures are taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Joongki as Hansel and Rhea as Gretel.

Yan as the Red Queen.

The Red Queen and Humpty Dumpty.

Ivorine as White Queen

Kingsley as the Romantic King... trying to serenade his queen~

Sorry for the blurry picture. ^^;;

Too noisy + over exposed. T_T

Cute! ^^

Cutey as Alice.

Gwaine as the Sexy Wolf and Rafaela as the Red Riding Hood.

Trying to save the picture using filter. x_x
So yeah... Yonghwa as Prince Philip and Zen as the Sleeping Beauty.

Handsome custom Jackson (Monster High) repainted by Watts Tyler Fallen.

Custom CCE dolls repainted by Resiove Lar.

Our humble booth from front. ^_^

Our booth on the right side.

Amos' babies! <3

Beautiful Fairyna.

Cecile and his scythe. 

Monster High girls!

Awww~ so romantic!

Sexy girl! ^^ She's a custom Pullip repainted by Teddy.

Reilly and photobomber Hazeline.

And on the left side of the booth, we have...

Misun as Catwoman. 

Shiyoon as Sherlock Holmes.

Kagamine Rin owned by Kishimoto Chai.


Gavin strikes a pose.



Vintage Barbie~

Sopshisicated Lady Barbie (1963)

Retro fashion.

Love the dress! <3

Some of the visitors. Thank you for visiting us! ^^

Last picture~ Amos! XD

Aaahhh~ now I need to edit Day 2 and Day 3 pictures.
Please wait, okay? ^_^

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