Line Play 2.0

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This recent 3 days, I'm having flu + fever; sneezing non-stop, terrible headaches, stomach cramps and apparently watching anime and kdrama can't heal this annoying painful feeling.
But today I just updated my Line Play to the latest 2.0 version. Here's my review:

Loading... it kinda takes a long while...
But adorable front page!  

The Dolly Carnet in Borneo Post 8th September 2013!

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Finally I get my hands on the newspaper; thanks to Yabuki!
Thank you to Antonia for interviewing us at The Dolly Carnet regarding the doll hobby. ^^
We are very honoured to have the opportunity and even the full-coloured page article! *_*

The Sunday Post - Page 20, Sept. 8th, 2013.

The full article can be found here:

For all other articles about our group in the newspapers, please check:

Kyanime 2013 - Day 1

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Finally... finished with the Day 1 pictures editing. Some can't be saved due to picture transfer error.
Sorry... T_T

Pictures are taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Joongki as Hansel and Rhea as Gretel.

Yan as the Red Queen.

Happy Eid!

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I hope it is not too late to wish everyone, Eid Mubarak! ^^

Sorry, I'm using the old picture of Zen and Rhea with their last year's Baju Raya as for this year I did not manage to sew them any since I was too busy. :(

Then, our group, The Dolly Carnet have successfully organized 3 activities in Kyanime 2013; handling a Doll Exhibition booth, a basic Doll Face Up Workshop (and contest), and a Kids Dolly Make Up Colouring contest. ^_^

As for myself, I only managed to cosplay only one character... without the prop. ;_;
Overall, just wait for the 3-days event pictures from me soon! Still in the editing process (Oh God... I'm so lazy!).

Now that I'm back in Sibu, I need to find a cheap portable sewing machine to proceed with my sewing commission. I had troubles in hand sewing nowadays. I feel bad to keep this project stuck on too long. :/ I don't like that 'berhutang' feel.

So yeah, see you in the next post! ^_^

Preparation for Kyanime 2013

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The Dolly Carnet Booth

1. Display - 0%
  • Forest
  • Candy House
  • Royal Bed
2. Booth Placard - 0%
3. Signs - 0%

Basic Face Up Workshop

1. Participants - 65% (3 slots left)
2. Doll heads - 100% (All arrived)
3. Purchasing materials - 0%
4. Sponsors - The Prop Expert and Heng Kim Trading
5. Goodie bags - 10%
6. Booklet - 0%
7. Posters - 5%


1. Make Up

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation - 50% (Bought and never tested yet. Thanks to hubby to buy this for me! It's quite pricey for me. ;_; )
  • Fake eyelashes - 0%
  • Shading - 0%
  • Contact Lenses - 100%

2. Shingeki No Kyojin

  • Costume - 50% (Arrived in Kuching but have not picked up and tested)
  • Props - 10% (Nooooo~!!! ;o;)
  • Wig - 50% (Arrived in Kuching but have not picked up and tested)

I still have 2 other cosplay plans, but I don't know if I can ever finish them or not due to time and money constraints. Still need to pay for service fees and postage. T_T
So overall, wish us luck! ^_^

Princess Jasmine Repaints and Tutorial

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I got this pretty vintage Princess Jasmine (Mattel) doll from Hairul with other Barbies and Kens. So I made her a new face up! ^^
Please enjoy the process and list of materials below. I'm not really sure if I could call this as Tutorial though. :P

Before and After.

Click for more... Be warned of heavy pics below.

New Layout!

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Hands itchy. :D

I kinda miss the old layout though... ._.
But I get some problems browsing it using different browsers.
I hope that this one is more user-friendly though.

Anyway, this new layout is from Delicious Studio.
Thank you! ^^