Preparation for Kyanime 2013

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The Dolly Carnet Booth

1. Display - 0%
  • Forest
  • Candy House
  • Royal Bed
2. Booth Placard - 0%
3. Signs - 0%

Basic Face Up Workshop

1. Participants - 65% (3 slots left)
2. Doll heads - 100% (All arrived)
3. Purchasing materials - 0%
4. Sponsors - The Prop Expert and Heng Kim Trading
5. Goodie bags - 10%
6. Booklet - 0%
7. Posters - 5%


1. Make Up

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation - 50% (Bought and never tested yet. Thanks to hubby to buy this for me! It's quite pricey for me. ;_; )
  • Fake eyelashes - 0%
  • Shading - 0%
  • Contact Lenses - 100%

2. Shingeki No Kyojin

  • Costume - 50% (Arrived in Kuching but have not picked up and tested)
  • Props - 10% (Nooooo~!!! ;o;)
  • Wig - 50% (Arrived in Kuching but have not picked up and tested)

I still have 2 other cosplay plans, but I don't know if I can ever finish them or not due to time and money constraints. Still need to pay for service fees and postage. T_T
So overall, wish us luck! ^_^

Princess Jasmine Repaints and Tutorial

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I got this pretty vintage Princess Jasmine (Mattel) doll from Hairul with other Barbies and Kens. So I made her a new face up! ^^
Please enjoy the process and list of materials below. I'm not really sure if I could call this as Tutorial though. :P

Before and After.

Click for more... Be warned of heavy pics below.

New Layout!

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Hands itchy. :D

I kinda miss the old layout though... ._.
But I get some problems browsing it using different browsers.
I hope that this one is more user-friendly though.

Anyway, this new layout is from Delicious Studio.
Thank you! ^^

The Dolly Carnet X Kyanime Activities!

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On this year's Kyan!me (Kyanime), our group will be joining the booth again for the second time! But it will be more interesting as besides from the Gallery booth, we are also having 2 activities, which are :

1.) Basic Doll Face Up (Repaint) Workshop and Contest.
     Registration fee is RM35 inclusive of :

  • 1x Plain Obitsu head without hair (fits 27cm body)
  • 1x Watercolour pencils (12 colours)
  • Other materials*
  • Goodies
      Register here!

2.) Kids Dolly Make Up Colouring Contest.
     Participants need to bring your own colour materials.
     Registration fee is RM5.
      Register here!
      You can also register and pay at the venue.

* Just to be used in the workshop and not be able to bring back.

Hope to see more participants joining! The workshop will be the first ever made in Sarawak! :D
For any questions and information, you can contact me in FB: Videl Ichiban or just comment in this post!

Thank you and see you! ^^

2013 Events

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Assalammualaikum and Good morning!

Finally I get back home in Sibu after few weeks in KL and Kuching. Tomorrow (Tonight) will be the 1st day of Ramadan. Happy Fasting everyone!

Anyway, I have been worried about few things...

I'm trying to finish a few doll clothes commission. Aaahhh... handsewing is just too slow! Few needles broke and my cat Bilem is seem to be an anti-doll. Lucky she only attack my dollies instead of Izuan's MH Boy (maybe cuz Puma is bald) .

Second... Kyanime 2013 is approaching.
Our group, The Dolly Carnet is trying to hold a 'Doll Face Up' activity for the public. However since we're quite new at this... pulling up Sponsors are veeerrryyyyy hard... Because local stores here are not too keen of Doll collectors. It is okay. I hope that this workshop can educate the public more. :) InsyaAllah... If you happen to know anyone who can help us with sponsorship (prizes and materials such as Barbie Dolls, art supplies), it would be appreciated if you could help us, please! ;___;

And oh! Besides from the workshop, of course we will be joining the Gallery booth! This year, we will be doing Fairytale theme! ^_^ Lots of display need to be done! Yikes! 

Third, Anime Gathering 2013! XD
So far, we are invited to do a Doll Walk at the Summer Shopping Mall for the Pre-Anime Gathering on 4th August. I might not be joining since I only can go back to Kuching somewhere nearing Hari Raya. But have to leave this to the rest of the admins. ^^ Ganbatte girls!!

To conclude all these... I just pray for all the best! InsyaAllah... Everything will be fine. :)