Princess Jasmine Repaints and Tutorial

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I got this pretty vintage Princess Jasmine (Mattel) doll from Hairul with other Barbies and Kens. So I made her a new face up! ^^
Please enjoy the process and list of materials below. I'm not really sure if I could call this as Tutorial though. :P

Before and After.

Click for more... Be warned of heavy pics below.

You can click the pictures to enlarge them.

Princess Jasmine Original Face Up.

To remove the original face up, I'll be using MR. HOBBY Mr. COLOR Thinner. And next to it is Clear Gloss X-22 from Tamiya. 

And now... the first step is to wipe clean the head using cloth or tissues for unwanted dust. Then use thinner-soaked cotton buds to remove the original face up. I usually use the 'scooping' and pinch-the-head method for the hard-to-reach parts to remove the paints. Thankfully, this head mould is very easy to clean. It only took 2 cotton buds overall to remove everything.

After you removed all the original paints... you need to wash the face by using dishwasher soap to eliminate the thinner residue. Sorry, no picture here, but I'm using GLO brand. Any brands would do though. Then, let the doll face and hairline is dry completely. Why do we have to wait for the hairline to be dried too? Well, I did try as soon as the face is dry, not knowing that a wet hairline will spoil the blushing process. :( So yeah, please let everything is dry.

Then, it's time to protect the rooted hair. ^^ I'm using tissue rolls and secure it up using rubber bands.

Then I'm using masking tape to wrap over the hair and head.

Next~ it is time to spray the sealant. Well... pardon me, you should use newspaper to protect the ground. But I was in a hurry because my cat was yowling like crazy because she wants to see what am I doing. This sealant is quite dangerous to inhale, so make sure you put on a mask beforehand.
Please do not spray too near or else the seal would become cakey. 

Let the seal set for a while... 
Anyway, I'm using MR. HOBBY Mr. SUPER CLEAR flat (with UV cut). 
Bought this together with the thinner and gloss for around RM60 (around US$19) from HENG KIM Trading, a gunpla hobby shop situated at Level 2, Crystal Commercial Centre (near Everrise), BDC, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Now you can get ready with the soft pastels for blushing and shading. I'm using Mungyo brand.
In Kuching, you can get them in U-Tech or Techno Graphic.

I used brown, dark brown, purple wine, and nude purple.

For this process, you need to use brushes. I used flat brush for the cheek blush, mop brush for the shading at brow line and nose bridge and below lips. And oh... i put some at the nostrils too.

So yeah... pretty much like applying make-up on your face. Sealant as your make-up base and foundation, soft pastels as your cheek blush, eyeshadows, shading and highlights.

Now, it is time for us to use Watercolour Pencils. I'm using both Faber Castell and Staedtler Luna Aquarell. First, fill in the eye part with White watercolour pencil.

You can set a layer of sealant here... just in case you made mistakes later.

You can roughly draw the face using pencil. Don't worry for the boos because you can always fix it up using eraser. ^^ The same goes to watercolour pencils too! 
Then it is up to your imagination to use whatever colour for the eyes... I started to draw round shape (you can set yours to the middle or sides depending on how you want it to look like) and fill in with purple colour. I blend it with blue colour and some red. 

Next, you can add up the eyeshadows... and then by using black watercolour pencil, draw the eyeliners. You can draw eyelashes too.

After that, I fixed up the eyebrows.

For the lips, I put some nude peach soft pastels on it as a base, then a darker hue pastel on the inner lips. Then I swipe a little gloss by using the tiniest/thinnest brush (size 3/0). You can also put some gloss at the inner eye rim as well (optional).

Tadaaa!! Picture with flash:

No flash pictures: 

As you see... the eyes look kinda flat... Now, come and make it look brighter and alive!

You can use white acrylic paint for this wonder... For me, I couldn't find white acrylic at the local store in Sibu, therefore I mixed the white soft pastel with a little drop of water. However, mixed water+soft pastel tend to dry quick, so paint it on quick! XD

With flash:

With solar effect:

No flash:

Don't forget to spray the sealant for the last time! ^^

Overall, I'm very happy with the outcome! :D I hope I can practise more! ^_^

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