Happily Ever After~!

Posted by Mrs. Ichiban on Thursday, May 30, 2013. Filed under: ,

This morning, Hairul shared an INTERESTING new cartoon show by Mattel called "Ever After High".

Are you a Royal or a Rebel?

It is somewhat a princessy version of Monster High. :P And most of them really resemble the Monster High characters...

"Welcome to the world of Ever After High. 
This isn’t your mother’s fairytale; this is where you choose your destiny!"

I've fallen in love with them! Kyaaaa~!!! XD
The outfits are up to Lolita standard which is HOMG~ Soooo mouth-watering~! *i sound like a fashion perv*

Here, you can watch the video/ webisodes:

Great opening, great song! *o*
The royals are somekind of... stuck-up in this first episode IMO... ._.
However, I can see... Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts, and Little Bo Peep's daughters?

Some saw Alice! :D

Just imagine, the dolls that Mattel will produce~! *drools*
I'm so gonna get Blondielocks and Madeline Hatter! And Red Riding Hood's daughter! And... *list goes on*
Oh well... BJD plan? I don't know anymore! Haha! Seriously, I can't wait! XD

Well, I have to watch more~! Do subscribe to Ever After High in Youtube! ^_^

2 Responses to Happily Ever After~!

  1. Kara S

    I absolutly love them too. But I live in germany and we have only the apple white and raven queen dolls. I only wish they would hurry up and bring out the other dolls. I would love to have cherise and duchess!

  2. Mrs. Ichiban

    I agree with you! They are beautiful! We still don't have them in Malaysia, but thanks to few friends who brought them in for sale and also ebay. ^_^