Barbie Repaints 2nd trial

Posted by Mrs. Ichiban on Monday, May 20, 2013. Filed under: ,

Today I went to repaint the Barbie (Thank you for the dolls Hairul! ♥) for the 2nd time. XD
This time I'm using Soft Pastel and watercolour pencils (black and brown) with few brushes, and gloss.

Sorry for the noisy pictures.

'Getah sayur'. :X

Gloss on the lips and at some eye parts. 

Again... I forgot to buy white watercolour pencil and white acrylic paint. T_T
Therefore the teeth and eyes part are kinda not clean looking. And I still need to practise on the eyebrows. ^^

Sexy pose~

With Flash.

Hopefully I can buy the needed materials soon!
Want to try to make another repaint. ^_^

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