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I'm so so so not happy. :'( *Cries*
Was busy saving to get the dolls that I wanted, at the same time waiting for my part time salary to be deposited.

Once, I aimed to buy a 2nd hand Taeyang Captain Hook in TM... It was there for around a year...  Then I thought that TY must be waiting for me. I was finally came up with the fund to buy it, but it was sold out just in a few minutes. Why on the same day?? I cried 'gila-gila'. OK. No 'jodoh'.

Then, I saw this Isul Mao... Oh gosh! He's totally my type! Aahhhh~~ I was so gonna name it 'Yuu' because he reminds me of my favourite guitarist from Merry. But the price is quite expensive. Ok, no jodoh as well... If the price is over RM300, for sure it will be quite hard for me to buy.

After that, I saw Jimmy X! The clothing was my type, but definitely not his hair style. But he was in TM for quite a while... The price is cheaper than Isul Mao. And again, I thought maybe it was meant for me... and it sold out.  Ha ha ha! ;_;

Then, a wonderful thing happened... browsed on Ebay and found an auction for Taeyang Gyro Steampunk. The bidding ended well and I won it together with shipping from Korea for less than RM200~! Woohoooo!!!! I wasn't expect I got a TY Gyro since he is limited edition and the market price was RM500+. My jodoh. XD

Now currently, I have been aiming the nude Isul Kujo Kazuya from TM for a while. I was kinda happy because the price is not that steep to be compared with the full set. It's okay, since it's been there in the website for quite a long while, I guess it's my time to save again. But NOOOO!!! He was sold out today! TAT And yesterday, I lost Dal Sakura too... Supposed to get her as well, but my friend accidentally forgotten about our deal. oTL

Sigh... what to do... no jodoh... :(

p/s: Jodoh means, something/someone that have been destined to be yours.

4 Responses to Jodoh?

  1. RaMa-RaMa Fareeza

    hehehe you are "just unique"...mek asa first time jumpa org yg suka its really unique interest keep it up :)

  2. Mrs. Ichiban

    Kmk baruk start juak... Dolok xbrapa minat sbb takut... then time uni, minat juak, tp lebih concentrate dgn Japanese fashion (gothic, lolita & punk). Kinek tok jak rasa cam nak concentrate ngan dolls. Hehe! Kali rasa sunyek juak xda anak... Mupok2 polah collections. :)

  3. RaMa-RaMa Fareeza

    xpa hobi ktk unik tauk kejut2 masuk majalah....heheh ne taukkk... :)

  4. Mrs. Ichiban

    Hahahaha!! XD
    Uishhh... collection kmk sikit jak tok... kwn kmk ya baruk benar padan masok magazine... rasa mok colek jak patong2 nya... bersusun jak... hehehehe! Last year pernah mek org masok lam news, tp sik keluar muka lah... gambar doll sigek ngan nama geng mek org lam The Dolly Carnet jak.