1st January 2012 - The Dolly Carnet's New Year Gathering

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Aaahh... it's over a year that I did not update about this gathering even in The Dolly Carnet's blog. I wanted too, but it seems that all of the pictures are gone inside my hubby's pc nor my back up folders. >_< Maybe I kept them inside my laptop which is...I need to go back to Kuching to retrieve the files back and the laptop is quite 'rusty' due to old age. :(

However, let's continue with the memories that I still somewhat remember well on that particular day. :)

Us at The Dolly Carnet wanted to have a new year gathering with our friends (non-TDC members) and the theme was 'Lolita Fashion'. And the day was actually kinda clashed with other gathering hosted by our other cosplayer friends. But it was okay. At least, the more it is, the merrier it will be, we thought. :P Ah yes, Vela was still in Bintulu if I am not mistaken, therefore she could not attend.

Since it was a holiday, I was kinda busy since on that morning I had to attend a wedding with my in laws. And was busy hand sewing a lolita dress for Zen (at home, inside the car, you name it). So I arrived late due to exhaustion. I didn't get to see Teddy and her dolls. :(

Here are some of the pictures courtesy of Antonia Chiam & Gerald Lim.

From Antonia:

From Gerald:

More pics can be seen here: Random Shutter.

This gathering has been featured in Borneo Post: Read here.

Thank you very much to everyone who attended! ^_^

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