Happy White Day!

Posted by Mrs. Ichiban on Thursday, March 14, 2013. Filed under:

Happy White Day 2013 from the boys of Dollygasmic!, Gwaine Arthemus and Alexei Yonghwa. ^^
I guess they are busy packing the chocolates and cakes for their girlfriends! (Non for me? ;_;)

There is a happy news too! ^____________^
Remember my last entry yesterday? I was so devastated that I lost the chance to buy that Isul Kujo? Later that evening, an angel wearing the medical doctor uniform came by and chanted a spell~~ It's definitely magical (with a small price) and Alhamdulillah~ I'm so so SO HAPPY!!! I'm getting an Isul! XD

Thank you so much Ya Allah... you have given me rezeki after a thunderstorm... and you granted me such a great friend! :') Syukur Ya Allah! *terharu*

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