Decorate-It-Yourself - Doll Storage and Carrier

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I have made the original post of this entry here.

However, I'll just copy-paste the entry with a few new info. :D
Everybody knows that D.I.Y. stands for Do It Yourself, but in this post, I'll name it 'Decorate-It-Yourself' since I didn't entirely make the whole thing; just put up some nice pretty little things to liven it up. ^^

What you will need is any container you have lying around the house. I found an old toolbox where I kept my junks like cute little erasers, school badges, brooches, tooth, etc (you don't wanna know more)...

The toolbox is a perfect container to put all my Re-ment and Megahouse miniatures!

Then, you'll need the things for deco:

1. Super glue. I'm using the glue gun.
2. Laces, ribbons, strings, etc...Whatever you like.
3. Scissor
4. Some patience...

Glue up the sides...and carefully paste the lace or ribbon on the glue.
Try to even up the lace so it will set nicely and firm.

Finished with the laces and ribbons. 
I used some black rope to wrap the toolbox's holder 
and made a  bow just for umm...pretty-ness sake?

How the new toolbox look like. :)
The colour scheme is very Mana's Moi-meme-moitie right? :P

Same goes with this container. 
I bought this from Parkson Grand just for RM4.50. 
Decorate it up!
But you need to be careful on setting the laces around 
the closure or else it won't close/open well.

The final products.

I used the container to carry Zen for quite a while and bought another one for Rhea. Actually the width is not suitable for Pullip (suitable for Dal and Byul only) but I had troubles in looking for cheap doll carrier in Kuching. So, I just bend Zen's knees so she can get inside properly. Now Zen and Rhea used a different doll carrier, but fret not!
This container still serve me well!

To keep my MH ghoulfriends! XD

How about you? How do you keep/bring around your dolls? :)

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